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Playlist for Three Detectives

By Nick Vincent

(My son, Nick Vincent, created this fantastic annotated soundtrack reflecting his views of the main characters in the Ross Agency Mysteries: Norment Ross, Sabrina Ross, and SJ Rook. I loved the rich imagination Nick brought to this essay and wanted to share its insights with readers. I’d love to hear from you on these selections. Do you have cuts -- jazz, hip hop, soul, pop, blues -- you’d add to the mix?. )

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on some music I feel that might connect with the characters in your Ross Agency mystery series. I am just focusing my efforts towards the three people who work at the Ross Agency: Norment, Sabrina, and Rook. I have shared songs for you via YouTube.


Ain’t No Joke” by Eric B. and Rakim:

I chose this song because I imagine Rook would respect and like listening to old school hip-hop. This song in particular I think sets a mood for how he envisions doing his work- a certain confidence and attitude the song will bring out and that he needs to have for his job.

"Ten Believers" by the Latin Playboys:

I think this song helps connect him to his Texas roots, a Tejano rock sound that captures the mystery he keeps to himself.

"Doing the Best I Can" by James Brown:

The song highlights how Rook can get down on himself, in particular, with his relationship to Brina.


"Shake it Off" by Mariah Carey:

I thought of this song for how Sabrina deals with aspects of her life. She seems like someone who doesn't like dealing with nonsense -- especially in her relationship with Rook -- and I found the theme represents her.

"Piece of Me" by Lady Wray:

This song is something Sabrina would feel while experiencing her conflicting relationship with Rook.

Sabrina is someone who has confidence and tries to be clear to everyone about who she is and what she stands for and expects. I think this song exemplifies that spirit.


I had a tougher time thinking of him. But I thought older material might suit him. Just chose two songs at the moment:

"Sweet Touch of Love" by Allen Toussaint.

Norment seems like someone who enjoys talented and skilled artists. He also seems like someone who is open-hearted with his feelings towards people.

"Gonna Build a Mountain" by Sammy Davis Jr.

This song made me think of his goals in life and work in creating the Ross Agency with people he loves – Sabrina, now Rook more and more. And of course, the community of Harlem.

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