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Delia C. Pitts

Places. Set. Kill.

When cynical private eye SJ Rook is hired to guard the set of a hot new television show filming on the streets of Harlem, he expects his toughest challenge to be corralling star-struck fans. But the detective's brush with Hollywood glamour quickly turns dark. All week, a TV big shot bids for Rook's attention with outlandish claims of murder threats. Rook dismisses these fears as dramatic excess spiced with Left Coast dazzle. But on the last night of filming, murder writes a grim finale to the production. 


Cool. Modern. Noir.

Alluring lost wives. Vengeful academic superstars.
A memory-plagued widow. A detective on the edge.


Faced with old grudges and buried lies, unsettled desires and secret promises, Rook races to untangle the threads of these twisted cases. Can he bring the killers to justice before the past fades forever?

Private eye SJ Rook comes vividly to life in this entertaining new dramatic reading of an excerpt from Lost and Found in Harlem. If you've ever wondered what Rook might sound like, here's your chance to find out in this warm and moving new podcast from Kings River Life.

Rook Speaks!

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