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Delia Pitts

Bold. Kick-ass. Private Eye.

Vandy Myrick became a cop to fulfill her father's expectations. After her world cratered, she became a private investigator to satisfy her own hopes. Now she's back in Queenstown, New Jersey, her childhood home, in search of solace and recovery. As a Black woman, Vandy finds privacy is hard to come by in "Q-town," but worth striving for.


To keep the cash flowing, Vandy handles plenty of divorce cases. When the mayor's nephew, Leo Hannah, hires her, the new surveillance job seems routine. But Vandy soon realizes there's trouble beneath the surface when a racially charged murder with connections to the Hannah family rocks the town. Fingers point. Clients appear. Opposition to the inquiry hardens. Vandy's a minor league PI with few friends and no resources. But she has grit and determination few possess. She'll stop at nothing to solve this case. 

Early praise for Trouble in Queenstown

"Delia Pitts's writing is explosive, addictive, and downright beautiful. Get this book now." -- Jess Lourey


"Practically leaps off the page to grab you by the throat. What a masterful writer. What a ride, what a PI, what a book. Welcome to Queenstown, folks, More, please!" -- Tracy Clark


"Starts off with a bang and draws you in more and more with each passing chapter...I can't wait for Vandy's next case." -- Kellye Garrett


"Evander 'Vandy' Myrick is the beating heart of this story -- a bold, kick-ass private eye. I'm all in -- I'd follow Vandy anywhere." -- Samantha Jayne Allen

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